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Photo Recovery

Never lose a treasured moment again. From swift photo retrieval to advanced gallery management features like duplicate detection and secure vaults, ensure every memory is both safeguarded and celebrated.

Weather AI

Shift from passive weather checks to proactive planning with 'Weather AI'. With personalized insights from AI activity forecasts to 24-hour radars, it's not just about predicting the weather, but ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your daily plans and adventures.


Dive into transformative conversations with history's brightest minds in 'Circles'. From AI-driven dialogues mimicking your idols to personalized mentorship sessions, embark on a journey where legendary insights align seamlessly with your curiosities, challenges, and aspirations.

AI Chat: Open GPT-4

Dive deep into the limitless universe of 'AI Chat', an intellectual marvel powered by GPT-4. From crafting artful narratives and tackling complex challenges to transcending language barriers and forging a unique, evolving bond, embark on a journey that blurs the lines between human and AI interaction, opening doors to endless opportunities and insights.

Age Swap: AI Face Aging App

Embark on a captivating journey through time with 'Age Swap', an AI marvel that offers vivid glimpses of your past and future selves. From solitary reflections to shared aging adventures with friends, experience lifelike transformations that spark both nostalgia and anticipation, making every age an experience awaiting discovery.

Vividly: AI Photo Enhancer

Rediscover the beauty of every snapshot with 'Vividly'. Whether it's reviving the charm of old memories, correcting those unexpected blurry shots, or enhancing everyday pictures, experience the magic of photos reborn in their finest details. Elevate your photography journey and let every moment shine brilliantly.

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